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  • retailing your work means that the craftsperson is selling directly to the end user/consumer
  • if an artisan is selling work through a sales outlet like a store, craft shop or gallery (which they do not own), it is considered wholesaling

Sales models

  • selling directly to public
    • your own store or studio
    • trade shows
    • markets/craft fairs
    • Online
    • Other avenues like mail-order, door to door


Upsides of retailing your own work

  • control over all aspects of the selling process
  • direct contact to build relationships with clients
  • no or limited commissions owing = more profit potential
  • increased reach through online and other structures
  • ability to respond quickly to demand or opportunity



  • live market is limited to those people you can get face to face with
  • hours can be long and tiring with little time off possible
  • lack of control over traffic in some venues
  • production time can be difficult to manage with public present
  • growth potential can be limited by so many other demands



  • when retailing your own work, prices need to reflect future retail possibilities
  • some flexibility in pricing is possible based on inventory


Other issues

  • artisans are wholly responsible for their own accounting/taxation
  • must maintain a safe, clean, insured workplace if public are welcome
  • advertising and marketing may fall solely on artist
  • online interactions can be less satisfying/secure
  • building of brand may be a little easier and more focused
  • generally this is a single sales point model
  • revenue flow is directly tied to artisans life rhythm



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