Business Start-up / Plans

Updated October 10, 2021 @ 06:18 pm

Links  below to several organizations that are helpful from beginning to growing a business further. There are a ton of great templates available to walk artisans through this process.

A good business plan requires the following elements…

Executive Summary which includes:

  • contact info
  • brief bio of you and description of the business
  • the objective of the company
  • a short statement about who your customers are

Mission Statement:

  • where you fit in the marketplace
  • some specific goals in the short and long term
  • this should be one short paragraph in which every word counts

Product/Service Descriptions:

  • detail the features of your product or product lines
  • differentiate your offerings from the competition
  • what makes your service and product special
  • what benefits do the customers derive from your product and how does it enhance their lives or solve a problem for them

Marketing Plan:

  • refer to the marketing plan session for more info
  • define target market
  • identify competitors and competitive strategy
  • describe marketing expenses and vehicles or channels

Financial Information:

  • include complete financial information from bookkeeping session
  • accurately estimate start-up costs
  • identify suppliers and potential problems with them
  • create sales and cash flow forecasts

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