About the Quidi Vidi Artisan Studios:

What does Quidi Vidi mean?

It’s Latin for “That Which Divides.”

What is the Quidi Vidi Village Artisan Studios?

It’s a craft incubator with ten (10) studio spaces. Artisans rent out a space to grow their business. They are provided with mentorship and resources so they can maximize their potential as emerging entrepreneurs.

Do we have to pay to visit?

No, it’s free admission and you can look around as you please. The craft studios are upstairs.

Who owns the building?

The building is owned by the City of St. John’s, but is run and managed by the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft Art and Design.

When was the building built?

It was built in 2012 by the City of St. John’s/Gov. of Canada.

Where can I park?

The parking lot outside the Artisan Studios is public parking. However, it is often full even before we open. The best place to park is the new parking lot on Cadet Road, across from the bottom of Quidi Vidi Lake, which leads down to the slipway beside the Artisan Studios with a footbridge for easy access to the village. If you don’t mind a little stroll,  another option is to park is off of Forest Road, Quidi Vidi Village Road/The Boulevard.

Around the Artisan Studios:

Are there bus stops in Quidi Vidi?

There are two, each at an entrance to the Village. One is by the Quidi Vidi Lake, by the sign welcoming people into the Village, and the other is at the small hill where Forest Road begins.

There’s a Metrobus that comes every half-hour (hourly on Sundays), as well as the Link which comes every ten (10) minutes. It’s a hop-on/hop-off service which goes to the main touristic spots of St. John’s. We have brochures for both buses at the front desk.

Are the docks/wharfs accessible?

The dock outside the building is public property, however the fishing shacks against the rocks are private property and are a part of the Quidi Vidi Battery.

Is there anywhere to eat in Quidi Vidi?

There is a restaurant called Mallard Cottage, which serves lots of home-made, traditional Newfoundland foods.

Linda’s Inn of Olde serves cold beverages, as well as soup and sandwiches on occasion.

Are there trails around here?

There are three (3) trails/walks that start in Quidi Vidi.

The first is Quidi Vidi Lake, which is a part of the Grand Concourse trail. It is four (4) kilometres and has a lovely trail that passes in front of the Boathouse, a park, and a dog park.

The second is Cuckold’s Cove trail which goes up to Signal Hill. It takes about a half hour to get to the top depending on your speed, but be careful, it’s very steep and has many steps.

The third is Sugarloaf Path. It’s nine (9) kilometres and goes down to Logy Bay. It has spectacular scenery including a beautiful view of Quidi Vidi.

Can we take pictures inside the Artisan Studios?

Professional photograph for weddings, grads and events is not permitted inside the building, however the docks outside are public and often used for this purpose. For tourists or customers who would like to take photographs of the artisans or their work on site, please ask permission from each individual artisan first as they each have different preferences. We love seeing your purchases on social media, so feel free to share any items you’ve bought at The Artisan Studios with hashtag #qvvstudios