Formerly The Purple Raven Boutique.

The Knitted Raven specializes in stunning hand-knitted jewelry, specifically brooches, shawl pins and stick pins, made from bronze, copper, sterling silver, and gold-filled wire. You can find a selection of handmade jewelry and knitting patterns in Katherine’s Etsy Shop while her YouTube Channel is for wire knitting and jewelry tutorials.
“The Knitted Raven is my second chance. For me, the magic of knitting is how simple manipulations of a continuous strand of material create beautiful, functional things, or everyday luxuries. Inspiration can be found almost everywhere – in the materials, in the world around me, in history.
But to bring a concept to life, requires a communion of sorts. I pick up my tools and materials, the left hemisphere of my brain goes quiet, and I lose myself in my craft. The passage of time changes, my awareness of my own body shifts. It is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding.” – Katherine Walters