The familiar adage ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ certainly resonates with me, particularly when designing leather goods. Enchanted by the old world ways, Stephen Brown employ traditional techniques to create high-quality products, keeping durability and functionality in mind. Ingenuity is at the focal point of each design. Every piece is unique in some way that is intended to inspire fellow makers, and captivate those who appreciate the intricacies of hand-made craft.

Stephen wasn’t planning for a career in high-end leathercraft, his journey was dictated by his instinct and passion. With his love of Japanese craftsmanship and training in engineering, he was able to develop his own unique creative sensitivity: meticulous, functional, and consistent. Through an authentic approach where his originality meets his ingenuity, he offers unique works of art with his signature style. Each of his items are created according to classical techniques using leather from the most renowned tanneries in Italy.