Colored glass always fascinated me, with how its appearance and design can change so easily with a change in light. I started my artistic journey with a beginner glass cutting course in the late 80’s. I have been creating for years in my own workshop. In the early 2000’s, I began working under Graham Howcroft, an acclaimed local stained-glass artist after he saw my work in a local restaurant. My experience in such a productive studio developed my skills, confidence, and motivation in my own work. My designs come from a passionate place, with a love for the process and the distinctive qualities of stained glass. It has allowed me to fulfill my creative being.

My work primarily consists of free-hanging panels that are manageable to handle and can be hung in window frames by hooks. This makes stained glass much more accessible and affordable for many customers to incorporate into their homes. Each panel I design begins with an idea or thought and then a name. Initially, my work was inspired by quilt designs and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Today, my inspiration is derived from many sources, but I draw a lot of inspiration from the beauty of nature.