Sarah Crowe is a an apparel designer and textile artist based in her hometown of St. John’s, NL. Her fascination with design, craft and fashion began when she took her first sewing class at the age of 10 and has been growing ever since. Sewing and craft remained a hobby until 2020 when Sarah enrolled in CNA’s Textile and Apparel Design program, where she focused her studies in garment construction, surface embellishment, and natural dye.

Inspired by the joy and vibrancy found in every day life, Sarah Crowe Designs is passionate about creating apparel and textile art that reflects her fun and lively aesthetic. She achieves this through the use of bold colours, textures, and embellishment throughout her work. The idea that clothing has the power to make us feel like the best version of ourselves profoundly influences how Sarah creates and designs. She creates functional clothing that also serves as wearable art. Sarah feels that the choice of what clothes to wear is deeply personal as it is the most visible way we express ourselves to the world.