John Lundrigan of Live Edge Design by John, is a self-taught woodworker born in Corner Brook, now residing in St. John’s. He started learning about the art of wood by sourcing and spalting specific types of wood for his father who was an avid part-time woodworker and woodturner. His father taught him how to use, understand, and work with different types of wood while living on their farm in the Humber Valley of Newfoundland and Labrador.

John’s experimentation of spalted wood in projects started in the Humber Valley and continues to this day. He rarely uses imported wood as NL has many different species that are superior to imported wood as the slow growth here makes for excellent quality wood. John believes that the story of wood is as important as the finished product.

While cycling through a number of different careers over his lifetime, he was always working on wood-related projects, mostly in the artistic realm concentrating on using the lathe, scroll saw and other woodworking tools to create art pieces. The shift to full-time took place in 2015 after retirement along with the desire to create unique wood pieces to sell at local markets and shops. He juried at both the St. John’s Farmers Market and then the Craft Council of NL and was embraced into the arts and craft world.

John’s artwork is featured at the St. John’s CCNL craft store as well as a number of galleries in NL. Also, he attends a number of markets sponsored by the local Farmers Market, Etsy, as well as the Craft Council.