I was born and raised in Japan and have lived in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. I moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland with my husband in summer 2010. I graduated the Textiles: Craft and Apparel Design program at the College of the North Atlantic in June, 2013, and I have spent the past year extending my studies for a third year in the program.

I have been developing one-of-a-kind fine crafts based on my new home, Newfoundland and Labrador. In my fifth year living in St. John’s, I feel connected here, and I have been inspired by taking Newfoundland and Labrador scenery as my subject matter.

It is important for me to use traditional techniques and patterns to retain the practice of fine craft into the next generation. Introducing new techniques to these traditions allows me to explore new ideas and develop new products. By exploring combinations of Japanese and Newfoundland and Labrador elements, my work also adds to the diversity of perspectives in the St. John’s art/craft community.