Kimberly Clarke of Soft Pony creates cute stuff for cute people! She joined the Artisan Studios in the Spring of 2022 where she is now developing her line of stoneware clay sculptures. Soft Pony’s whimsical creations are finished with details of real 22 karat gold and mother of pearl lustre – each tiny piece takes approximately two weeks to complete with 7 firings altogether.

Animals and the natural world have been the focus of Kimberly’s art for as long as she has been creating. She loves to explore the diversity of nature’s colours and shapes through her work and thus is never short on inspiration.

Fun fact: During the Platinum Jubilee visit to Canada, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited our artisans at the Studios where Camilla actually purchased sculptures (two chickadees and a puffin) from Soft Pony!