I am a full time professional artist who works in clay. In the 15 years since I was introduced to clay, I have apprenticed, graduated and received funding to create one of a kind pieces and develop production lines. I studied with Isabella St. John, potter of 45 years and my aunt, at Blue Moon Pottery before attending the Textiles Studies program at The College of the North Atlantic. Then at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University I majored in Ceramics with a minor in Art History. Grants offer an opportunity to focus solely on my career as an artist. My job as a production potter develops my technical skill which supports my artistic practice. I am an active member in the art and craft community and make work based on wildlife and folklore in Newfoundland.

I have been working in porcelain decorated with typeset to make every day functional pots hosting Newfoundland sayings. Stemming from a residency on Fogo Island (2014) with Tilting Recreation and Cultural Society where I was surrounded by heavy Irish accents and history. After reading Tilting by Robert Mellin, I was in awe of the drive to preserve and restore Tilting.  Tracing roots back 400 years to the first Irish to arrive in Newfoundland, this struck a chord. The language caught my attention and I started transferring the words I heard onto clay, setting language in stone.

I am eager and curious about the world of craft and fine art. I am passionate about learning and always choose to be in a community where the creative process is explored and ideas are exchanged.  I follow the joy involved in the labor of creation.